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So how does it work? How can I quit a habit of a lifetime in only 2 hours?

Well I’m sure you may have heard that hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking but maybe you still feel sceptical? Or it all sounds a bit too easy? But you could, read on…


Try to remember when you had your first cigarette or maybe the first few, did you smoke then because you felt stressed, tense or to help you calm down? Did you smoke then to help you concentrate? Nearly every client I have spoke to has answered “because my friends did”, “they made me look big, feel grown up”, “I don’t even know why I started.” And so here you are now and depending on how many you smoke a day you will find after a certain amount of time (roughly every 45mins with regular smokers) your brain will tell you that you need a cigarette.


You can imagine it being like a parasite inside you that needs feeding and once you smoke it lets up. But what happens if you don’t? The feeling gets stronger and stronger and you become more agitated until you finally light up and that first puff that you suck down to your boots feels amazing. And your brain remembers that feeling of agitation and stress and you begin to plan ahead unknowingly, working out when you will smoke, how many you need and so forth. A friend told me if it was 8 o’clock at night and she had one cigarette left and no way of getting any more till morning she would go to bed! What incredible control cigarettes can have over you!

If any of this sounds familiar to you then you probably deep down realise the control and maybe part of it even scares you. I’m sure in this day and age now where smoking has become completely unfashionable you will have heard all the horror stories of deteriorating health, cancer, emphysema and more. You may even know a friend or a relative who has suffered ill health or died because of smoking but isn’t it amazing that we can ignore it all and think it won’t happen to us? Control again!


So let me explain a bit about what will happen when you come to see me. Our first hour will be a counselling session using cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro linguistic programming to really find out about you and your habit. The reason for this is that when we move on to the next hour of hypnosis I can completely tailor the session to you because it is you that is important. I don’t see you as just another client and you will get that feeling the minute we meet. I want to help you and it’s important to me that you are choosing me to bring you success and combining all of these powerful techniques is the most successful way to experience hypnotherapy to stop smoking for good. 

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